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- Critical Issues -

Emergency Lockdown / Shelter-in-Place

The Problem: Events that require these procedures are often life-threatening situations, yet planning and practicing these procedures is frequently lacking.

Our Solution: We spend time to address communication systems, equipment and procedures, plus security controls and exposures.

Organizational Structure / Command and Control

The Problem: School districts typically utilize a group or committee structure to analyze situations and determine a course of action.  This is not an effective mechanism for responding to an emergency situation.

Our Solution: We have developed a management structure that couples an effective mechanism for responding to emergencies that is compatible with practices in an educational setting.

Support Operations Plans

The Problem: Crisis response plans for the various support operations are often developed independently under a “Silo” approach.  This often leads to plans that are poorly coordinated and vary widely in terms of detail and quality.

Our Solution: We develop plans using an “Enterprise-Wide” approach to ensure that no important responsibilities are missed and no “weak-links” exist among the plans.

What Comprises a Complete Emergency Operations Plan?

In order to develop and maintain a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan, Disaster Management, Inc. suggests a multi-project approach.  This approach is designed to meet NFPA 1600 standards, Disaster Recovery Institute International guidelines, other relevant guidelines and standards and parallel industry best practices as follows:

1) Collection of Information includes comprehensive management interviews and site inspections.

2) Risk and Impact Analysis is an executive management report designed to analyze information, identify risks and vulnerabilities, review emergency response procedures, examine communication systems and procedures, identify controls and exposures, and much more.

3) Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is the central or overarching plan for the college/university that defines command and control procedures, threat monitoring, plan activation, operational recovery strategies, and much more.

4) Crisis Plan is needed to define emergency actions to respond to actual hazard-specific emergency situations by school district leaders, faculty, staff and students.

5) Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to maintain systems and communication capabilities by addressing data center controls, alternate site planning, security controls and critical data management.

6) Support Operations Plans are a set of emergency preparation and response plans for the various support departments, operational groups and other infrastructure entities that comprise the school district.

7) Implementation, Exercise and Ongoing Support of the entire program is needed to ensure the plan is effective in an actual emergency situation.


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