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Comprehensive Crisis and Continuity (COOP) Template
For Public and Private Schools (K-12)

Product Description:
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The Crisis and Continuity Template is a complete emergency management program for K-12 schools and school districts.  The templates include actions to be taken:

  • To reduce the probability of a crisis event occurring.
  • To mitigate the impact of a crisis event for crisis events that can not be avoided.
  • Actions to be taken during a crisis event.
  • Actions to be taken after the crisis event to return to normal operations.
Key Features:
  • The planning templates are written in an easy-to-use Microsoft Word format.

  • The planning templates are specifically written for a K-12 environment.

  • The development of the templates has evolved over several years and has received extensive field testing in a K-12 setting.

Highlights and Product Details
  • The planning templates are written in easy-to-use Microsoft Word designed with “fill-in-the blank’ and “edit-out” text.

  • There is a comprehensive hazard-specific Crisis Plan that includes actions to be taken during each of the four phases of emergency management:
    • Prevention / Mitigation
    • Preparation
    • Response
    • Recovery

  • The comprehensive Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) is a complete central plan that:
    • Delineates an organizational structure designed to interface with the organizational structure of civil emergency responders.
    • Establishes clear guidelines for program activation and operation.
    • Synchronizes and coordinates the responsibilities and activities of the major departments that comprise the organization.

  • Develops planning for seven major support operations (Academic Affairs, Facilities, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Public Relations and Security).

  • There are special templates that focus on safety and security issues for faculty, staff and students.

  • The Disaster Management, Inc. Template for K-12 schools and school districts is completely compatible with the REM4 Web-based solution.  Our Microsoft Word-based product can be easily converted into our business partner’s Web-based platform (www.rem4ed.com).


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