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Disaster Management, Inc. is excited to partner with Hazmat Systems, Inc., a leader in the development of EHS solutions.  Hazmat Systems, Inc. is the developer of the revolutionary SafeStation hazmat system, a true health and safety kiosk, providing user immediate access to all the safety information and MSDSs directly in the work or research environment.

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  • The SafeStation hazmat system is an excellent state-of-the-art solution for hazardous materials management and safety concerns that advances hazardous material management from a paper binder to a touchscreen and web-based interface.  The SafeStation hazmat system is much more than a MSDS database; it manages your hazardous materials, provides safety instructions and emergency procedures and communicates with emergency responders.  The user can even print GHS compliant labels directly from the unit.

  • We believe that the SafeStation hazmat system is important for employee safety and for hazardous materials management that can be used in research laboratories and in areas where hazardous materials are kept.  Moreover, the cost of updating the system is much less than the cost of updating and maintaining binders.

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For additional information, see the attached SafeStation Information Sheet

or visit the Hazmat Systems, Inc. website: www.hazmatsystemsinc.com

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